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13 Mar 2024

/ Reverse engineering a car key fob signal (Part 1)

I’ve had the curiosity to explore radio communication protocols for a few years now, ever since I’ve started fiddling around with an RTL-SDR dongle. I always had the goal of figuring out how data is transmitted in remote controls (car key fobs particularly), trying replay attacks, and other pos... [ Read more ]

21 Jul 2021

/ Reversing for dummies - x86 assembly and C code (Beginner/ADHD friendly)

Before I got into reverse engineering, executables always seemed like black magic to me. I always wondered how stuff worked under the hood, and how binary code is represented inside .exe files, and how hard it is to modify this ‘compiled code’ without access to the original source code. But on... [ Read more ]

02 Mar 2021

/ Google Assistant YouTube command for smart TVs

After I’ve noticed my 2019 Samsung TV had support for Google Assistant commands for basic controls such as power, volume, channel, input source, etc., I thought it would be cool to also be able to cast media content using my voice, but I then realized that the only officially supported TVs were... [ Read more ]